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When it comes to your soil and plants, mulching can be extremely beneficial. Mulch acts as a laborsaving device. It helps prevent the germination of many weed seeds. Preventing weed growth reduces the need for herbicides.


Mulching helps to moderate the soil temperature and it retains moisture in your lawn during dry weather. It also helps you save money by reducing the amount of water you use. Call Hoffman's Tree Service today for your FREE mulch estimate.

Beautify your landscape with mulch

Add curb appeal with professional mulching

Besides saving time and money with mulching, make your property look clean and crisp. Add instant curb appeal to your property. When the team at Hoffman's Tree Service is done mulching your property, your landscape will look great.


Hoffman's Tree Service has over 15 years of experience in mulching hundreds of properties. Our customers always come back to us. Call us today for the best service in town.

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Landscape with mulch

Mulching has many money-saving benefits